HSM has been in business for over ten years. Our mission since the beginning has been to provide our customers with a quality and dependability that will stand the test of time.  We do this by first sticking to our base fundamentals we started with many years ago. With different types of cement/mortars and many different types of materials, it is important to match the two cafefully.


We ensure our pattern or what we call "bond" is done properly. Whether 3 different sizes in a pattern or ten, "bond" will make the difference in whether a wall, fireplace, pillar or walkway looks symmetrically pleasing and will be strong and bonded for years to come. Stacked, messy or unprofessional applications can occur easily when basic "bond" fundamentals are deprioritized in favor of speed and/or profitability, or are not understood properly by the masons. We take pride in the finished product and it shows in our jobs.